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                                            UNITED STATES SENATE
                                           WASHINGTON, D.C 20510

                                               OCTOBER 1, 2007

Dear Mr. Gainer,

           On behalf of my staff and myself, I want to personally thank and commend the Sergeant at Arms Information Technology Installation Teams in DC and Connecticut for installing new computers in my Connecticut office. Lead technician Frank Guarino, John Faulkner, Samuel Gurhurst, Elliot Jimenez and John Wiarda worked diligently and efficiently. I would also like to thanks the DC support team: James Warren, Scott Filipowicz and Joseph Yurawecz. They were all extremely helpful to my staff and made this transition as smooth as possible

           We are grateful for their assistance and look forward to working with them again in the future.



                                                        Joseph I. Lieberman
                                                        UNITED STATES SENATOR


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As a Medical Practice it is imperative that our computers are always working. With A.I.T., we've had that peace of mind. They are knowledgeable, friendly, fair and VERY relaible.
We may not be their biggest customer but, they treat us like we are.

Jim Wallach
Practice Administrator
Ear Nose and Throat Medical & Surgical Group, LLC


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